Features & Benefits

UltraBatten offers an elegant, streamlined cladding approach that encapsulates form and functionality. Its distinct, clean lines and uncomplicated installation underscore a commitment to design simplicity and architectural integrity. Perfect for a range of applications, from facades to feature walls, UltraBatten is built to last, boasting exceptional durability and minimal upkeep. Embrace the blend of aesthetic simplicity and practical innovation with UltraBatten, and elevate your project with its understated sophistication.


UltraBatten is highly adaptable and can be used across various architectural applications, including facades, interior ceilings, external louvres, privacy screening, and pergola shade protection. Its flexibility in use makes it suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Ease of installation

Featuring a hidden fixing system on a backing plate, UltraBatten offers a straightforward and efficient installation process. This design simplifies the mounting procedure and ensures a clean, seamless appearance upon completion.

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional materials that may require frequent upkeep, UltraBatten is low maintenance, retaining its aesthetic and functional qualities over time without the need for constant care. This benefit reduces both the time and cost associated with maintenance, offering added value to any project.


Project inspiration

View our project gallery, featuring images beautifully demonstrating UltraBatten adaptability and elegance in real-world applications.


Size options

UltraBatten comes in a variety of sizes, to find the ideal size that fits within your vision, or mix and match to create a unique feature profile.

UltraBatten® 32mm x 75mm

UltraBatten® 32mm x 100mm

UltraBatten® 32mm x 150mm

UltraBatten® 50mm x 50mm

UltraBatten® 50mm x 100mm

UltraBatten® 50mm x 150mm

UltraBatten® 50mm x 200mm


Potential palette

UltraBatten is often supplied with a woodgrain sublimation, although it can be customized into nearly limitless colours through powder coating or anodizing; some of our more popular options are showcased below. Powder coating provides enhanced durability and resistance to fading compared to conventional paint, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and protection.

Bronze Kinetic
Black Riverwood
Natural Tawa
Pale Manuka
Appliance White
Download Colour Guide

Technical specifications & downloadable resources

See below for our technical information about UltraBatten.

Scope of use

UltraBatten is for versatile façade and screening applications in both residential and commercial projects, employing standard construction methodologies.

  • Can be installed both vertically and horizontally, providing design flexibility for various architectural styles.


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