Our most popular profile is renowned for its sleek modern lines. It is ideal for contemporary designs where a minimalistic yet striking appearance is desired.

Due to its specific design, the Shadoline profile creates more pronounced shadow lines, adding depth and texture to the facade. This effect brings a dynamic visual interest to structures, changing throughout the day with the sun’s movement.

Shadoline can be installed vertically or horizontally, offering flexibility in design and application. This versatility allows architects and designers to utilize the profile in various ways to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.


UltraClad® ShadoLine

UltraClad® Shado 100

UltraClad® Shado 140


Shadow & light interplay

Our curated colour palette for Shadoline enhances its architectural shadow lines with options that bring the shadows into sharp focus or subtly integrate them, offering versatility in design expression.

Black Riverwood
Arctic White
Appliance White
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