The Shiplap profile masterfully merges the classic appeal of traditional shiplap siding with the advantages of modern cladding technology, presenting a unique aesthetic that enriches any architectural project.

It fits seamlessly into both historical renovations and contemporary new builds, ensuring every facade benefits from a heritage look backed by contemporary resilience. Designed to complement a broad spectrum of architectural styles. Its versatile nature makes it an excellent choice, effortlessly blending with traditional homes, modern commercial spaces, and everything in between.

The consistent pattern of the Shiplap profile promotes a unified appearance, essential for creating a cohesive visual impact across different building sections or when integrating multiple materials within a single design framework.

Shiplap UltraClad is an ideal solution for architects and builders looking to combine aesthetic appeal with functional performance in their projects.


Time honoured hues

Explore our selection of traditional colors, meticulously chosen to honor the timeless appeal of Shiplap UltraClad, enhancing the classic beauty of your architectural projects.

Arctic White
Canvas Cloth
Sandstone Grey
Appliance White
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