The Traditional Weatherboard UltraClad embodies the quintessence of timeless charm, merging the authentic aesthetics of classic weatherboard with modern versatility.

With its genuine traditional appearance, this variant captures the warmth and character inherent in heritage designs, making it an ideal choice for both restoring historical buildings and adding character to new constructions.

Beyond its classic appeal, the Traditional Weatherboard offers an array of colour and finish options, granting architects and homeowners the flexibility to tailor their exteriors to precise design visions and preferences. This unique blend of time-honoured aesthetics and customizable finishes ensures that every facade not only pays homage to the past but also aligns with contemporary tastes and styles, making the Traditional Weatherboard UltraClad a perfect testament to the enduring beauty and adaptability of traditional design in the modern architectural landscape.


Timeless colour tones

Explore our curated collection of timeless colour tones, each chosen to enhance the authentic charm and enduring beauty of your Traditional weatherboard project.

Appliance White
Arctic White
Canvas Cloth
Sandstone Grey
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