The UltraTray profile elevates architectural design by marrying the dynamic shadow effects inherent in its pronounced positive relief details with the contemporary industrial aesthetic reminiscent of standing seam roofing.

This unique combination not only adds a textured, layered depth to facades as the light shifts throughout the day but also embodies the crisp, modern lines sought in current design trends. Importantly, UltraTray sets itself apart from traditional roll-formed tray cladding by eliminating the issue of ‘oil canning,’ a common distortion effect in metal cladding, ensuring a flawlessly sleek and uniform appearance.

This innovative approach to cladding design offers architects and builders a visually striking, industrial-inspired option that maintains its pristine condition over time, making UltraTray a standout choice for projects aiming to achieve both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability.


Industrial Elegance

Explore our UltraTray color palette, meticulously chosen to complement its industrial aesthetic while emphasizing the profile’s unique shadow play for a flawless finish.

Weathered Steel
Arctic White
Appliance White
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